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Welcome to UCB in Canada


Thank you for your interest in learning more about UCB Canada Inc.

UCB Canada Inc.

2201 Bristol Circle
Suite 602
Oakville, Ontario 
L6H 0J8

Tel: +905 287 5129
Toll free: +877 504 7363


Medical information and customer service

Tel: +866 709 8444 option 1
E-mail: MedicalInformationCAN@ucb.com


What to do if you experience unexpected side effects?

For patients/caregivers: if someone is experiencing an adverse event related to one of our products please contact your/their healthcare provider. In addition, you can contact us at +866 709 8444.

For healthcare professionals: if you wish to report an adverse event related to one of our products, please notify us at +866 709 8444.


UCB Integrity Line

The UCB Integrity Line is a secure website and toll-free telephone numbers that are managed by an independent third-party agency. The UCB Integrity Line provides a confidential resource to ask questions, report suspicious activities or misconduct, and share concerns regarding noncompliant behavior. The Integrity Line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and in 58 languages for online reporting and over 200 language options for telephone reports.

Tel:  +800 235 6302

Website: www.ucbintegrityline.com 


Please note

To apply for a job or send your CV, please visit our global job portal. E-mails sent to the above e-mail address attaching CVs will not be answered.  It cannot be used to report a personal health problem or to respond to questions regarding your personal health.  If you have specific questions relating to your personal health, please consult your physician.  Prescribed medications cannot be ordered through this website.